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Frame this to brighten up a wall or use it for table décor. If using as table décor, my recommendation would be to use in a similar manner as table runners and plate chargers – as decorative table elements, not meant to come in direct contact with food.

This is a beautifully embroidered (100% by hand) decorative textile. It features a dove, an armadillo and a bee.
Dimensions: approx. 17" wide x 13.5" high (note: these pieces are not perfectly rectangular. The embroidery process pinches the fabric in, creating a slight hourglass shape... the piece is a bit more narrow in the middle)
100% cotton muslin
Machine sewn hem.
Hand-wash or machine wash on gentle cycle (in a hosiery bag).
Ethically purchased (the embroiderer and I work as partners).


Embroidered Placemat Sized Otomi Textile, Dove, Armadillo, Bee

SKU: PM_45
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