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This wall hanging is beautifully embroidered (100% by hand).  It's bright with colorful birds and flowers! One of the great things about this piece is the attention to detail in the embroidery itself. For example, look at the 3rd photograph above. Many of the individual leaves are embroidered in concentric rings of 3 colors; the big flowers are embroidered in "rings" of 4 colors. These details add a lot of richness and depth to the piece.  If you have a nature lover/birder or a fan of Mexican folk art on your gift list, this high-quality piece is a great candidate.

This style of embroidery comes from several towns in the southern part of central Mexico. The largest of these towns is named Tenango de Doria, and at some point, the embroidery itself became known as “Tenangos”.  It’s also known as “Otomi” embroidery… The Otomi are the indigenous people of this geographical area.

* Dimensions: approx 23” high x 10.5” wide (note: these pie