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This is a beautiful wall hanging, embroidered by hand in central/southern Mexico.  A perfect gift for a birder, a nature lover, and/or a collector of quality folk-art; this would be magnificent if framed! The tree hosts a wide variety of colorful bird species, including doves, a hummingbird, a peacock, parrots, and an owl, as well as bees. The leaves of the tree are also thoughtfully embroidered in different shades of greens.
This style of embroidery comes from several towns in the southern part of central Mexico. The largest of these towns is named Tenango de Doria, and at some point, the embroidery itself became known as “Tenangos”.  It’s also known as “Otomi” embroidery… The Otomi are the indigenous people of this geographical area.

More details:
   * Dimensions: approx. 22" wide x 21.5" high  (note: these pieces are not perfectly rectangular. The embroidery process pinches the fabric in, creating a slight hourglass shape... i.e. the piece is a bit more narrow halfway down)
   * Embroidered on 100% cotton muslin.
   *Can be hand-washed with mild detergent.  Colors will not run.


TREE OF LIFE Otomi Embroidered Wall Hanging

SKU: tree-07C
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