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Included in this lot are a mix of 100 brightly colored bobble-headed turtles.
Great resale value!

Approx. Size Range: 2” long x 1.75” wide to 2.5” long x 1.75” wide
(that’s about 5cm long x 4.5 cm wide to 6.25cm long x 4.5 cm wide).

Quick shipping! Shipped within 1 business day after the order is received.  Often goes into the mail the same day the order comes in.
International shipping: Expect 1-3 weeks for delivery.

 There’s a lot to be said for these fun, inexpensive gifts! They are expertly made from the hardened seed pods and carved wood.   Each turtle is checked for “bobble-headed-ness” (how well the heads nod).  In addition to being fun little hand-crafted toys, these are made by people who desperately need the income.  I get a lot of satisfaction in being able to help support these hard-working families (There is no haggling for better prices on my part).

If you are looking for party favors that ARE NOT plastic junk that will break in minutes or never even work at all (and then go straight to the landfill!) these turtles will fit the bill.  I have had my own personal nodding headed turtle for over 20 years.

100 Large Bobble Head Nodding Turtles, $1.40/piece

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