This is a handsome pair of dancing chickens, carved by Ventura Fabian & painted in his workshop, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Sadly, Mr. Fabian passed away a year ago. He leaves an amazing legacy in the history of Oaxacan woodcarvings. I first met him over 20 years ago, when I would travel to Oaxaca to buy folk art for my shops. One day I happened upon him in his studio - what I saw left my jaw on the ground. A very large tree trunk was being transformed into a mermaid. It was 1/2 tree trunk, 1/2 mermaid. I should have bought that piece right then and there, just as it was. But the infrastructure wasn't so wonderful then, and transporting an entire tree trunk back to the US would have been difficult, to say the least. In my decades of buying Mexican folk art, leaving this piece behind is my biggest regret.
Back to the chickens... dancing chickens may be what Ventura is most famous for. I was lucky enough to purchase some of the last that he carved from his daughter. These are a tiny bit "rough around the edges" - if you really pay attention, you can see the nails heads attaching the arms to the bodies. But they are so whimsical that most people will overlook this. They fit together and stand upright well, and as you can see from the photo, they can be separated as well.
Approx 5.5" high
Ships from the United States w/in 1 business day of receiving the order.

Dancing Chickens Oaxacan Wood Carving, Alebrije

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