Margarito Melchor Fuentes is a well-known Oaxacan artist, famous for his cat carvings. He manages to capture a range of "cat emotions," from playful to intense concentration. His work graces the cover of one of the best-known books about Oaxacan woodcarvings, "Oaxacan Woodcarving, The Magic in the Trees", by Shepard Barbash. This sideways-looking cat is approx. 3.75" high x 3.75 wide x 3.50" deep. The tail is removable, but I suggest gluing it in place (white glue does the trick well) upon arrival at its new home.

Ships from the United States w/in 1 business day of receiving the order.

CAT Oaxacan Wood Carving, Alebrije Margarito Melchor Fuentes